Sunday, October 05, 2008

Free Stuff

I was just about to chuck some bits and pieces in the recycling when it suddenly occured to me to check whether anybody might want some of it...

Developments in the KING'S GAMBIT 1980-88 Alexander Bangiev - NOW TAKEN JB

TRENDS Booklets
Spanish Marshall, Malcolm Pein 1990
Caro-Kann, Panov-Botvinnik Attack, Bruno Carlier 1990
Benko Gambit, Byron Jacobs, 1989
Nimzo-Indian 4 e3, Andrew Martin 1989
1. d4 d6 ... Bg4 systems, Julian Hodgson 1991
Classical Pirc, Julian Hodgson 1989
Pirc without Classical, Colin McNab 1990
Sicilian Sveshnikov, Julian Hodgson 1990

various copies

March 1989, April 1990, September 1991 - August 1992, November 1992, November 1994, September 1997, November 2000, March 2001, November 2001, December 2001, February 2002, March 2002, August 2002

Anybody who wants any or all of these get in touch via the comments box or email me ... jonathan.bryant AT

Receiver collects from Streatham area, Golden Lane or some other convenient location. I'll be happy to mail them further afield if you cover the cost of postage.

While I'm here, my appeal for chess related pod casts or audio books a couple of days ago did not exactly stimulate a flood of responses. If you know anything that might be of interest do visit the original post and leave a message in the comments box.

Finally there's the position at the the top of today's blog. I found it on the cover of Bangiev's King's Gambit booklet. White to play. Any thoughts?


ejh said...

My thoughts as a 1...e5 player are, don't expose your f7 pawn when the f-file is open.

Jonathan B said...

Indeed EJH.

The next move was Nxf7.