Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Pod

Here I am about to impose once again on the collective knowledge on our readership.

Recently when I did this David quite rightly chided me ...

You do know that we're on the internet...?

see comments to this post

... and suggested I make fuller use of the nearest available search engine.

Well yes I could do that but then

(a) I'd not gain the benefit of the expertise of our readers

and more importantly

(b) I'm lazy.

Anyway, back to today's question.

I've recently got myself one of those i-pod thingummyjigs and having really enjoyed that marvelous old radio play The Chess Club Murders I was wondering if there was anything else I could listen to while on the move.

Does anybody know of any chess themed downloadable audio books or better still are there any good chess podcasts I could subscribe to?

Your answers, as ever, are gratefully appreciated.

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Jonathan B said...

I found one myself:-

Looks like you can sign-up, download two books for free and cancel your account.

They've got a couple of chess related books though - including one by Bob Rice, Shenk's History of chess and an interview with Kasparov conducted at the New Yorker festival in 2006.