Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apparently Got Something to do with Chess

"A stolen chess set is the key to a kidnapping".

Anybody willing to admit knowing anything about this one? Incidentally, that surname ... could the author be related to RDK? Could it even be Raymondo in disguise?

Anyhoo, today's post marks the end of our daily schedule. From tomorrow we'll be back to posting four days a week:- Monday, Wednesday, Friday and one at the weekend.


Robinson said...

Carolyn Keene was not really a person at all, but a name given as the author of the Nancy Drew and Dana Girls mysteries. These books were written by a number of ghost writers. See The shared named is coincidence and Raymondo is not listed amongst these ghost writers.

Jonathan B said...

Thanks for your input Robinson.

I didn't really expect it to be Ray but kind of liked the idea it *was* him.

ejh said...

Maybe it was Byron Jacobs?

AdmirableGirth said...

But Mondo has been busy:

Roll up, roll up. Buy your chess tat here. Only 1500 pounds.

Bugger that, I'll buy a second hand camper van instead.

Jonathan B said...

yes we'd seen that AmirableG.

I wonder what exactly you get for your dosh.

ejh said...

Damned sight cheaper reading him than listening to him speak.