Monday, August 24, 2009

We've all been there

Do you like chess? Do you like computers? Do you like Wallace & Gromit?

If so, it's time to unzip your trousers and get the tissues ready, because you'll love this:

Yes, that's right. Wallace has only gone and invented a chess playing machine - and Gromit is taking it on.

But luckily for Gromit, his opponent is not playing on Deep Bleu mode, only advanced.

Which probably explains why Gromit, black, seems to be doing rather well:

Not so tricky now, you might suppose. Two rooks ahead.

Except Gromit is stalled:

Why? As you can see, his bishop is broken.

Better replace it with a pepper pot:

What's the Informator symbol for that?

Alas, it turns out pepper gives Gromit the sneezes.

After which . . .

. . . devastation. Only the white king remains. 1-0. We've all been there.

What else can I say? Only that the images are from this game, and to note approvingly that a white square is on the right hand side of the chess board.

PS. Jonathan B's asked me to add that we'll be posting every day again this week.

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