Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tonight Is The Night

There's only place for a chess player in London to be tonight: down in Streatham at our club!

The reason? You'll witness a spectacular, mind-bending chess event - one that has even driven people mad in the past. An event that was thought impossible for centuries. An event that several top players in the world steer shy of, from sheer fear. That event is: a blindfold simultaneous display.

That's right. Tonight's the night that our very special guest Rawle Allicock will take on up to ten of our players at the same time. He'll be blindfolded, with the moves called out to him - whereas each of his opponents will have full sight of their board, the only one they have to worry about. Spectacle is guaranteed, and Rawle will be playing for wins.

So do join us tonight at our home venue Woodfield Grove Tennis Club from 7.30pm - spectators are more than welcome, and the bar will be open. For those who've not been to the club before, our postcode is SW16 1LR and here's a map to help you find us.

See you tonight!


Anonymous said...

Who is Rawle going to play against and their grades?

Tom Chivers said...

Players from Streatham Library and our third team. I think the highest grade amongst them will be 130 or so. I would guess that anyone turning up on the night with a grade <130 will be allowed to join in too, if they want, subject to numbers.

Anonymous said...

So, how did he do?


Tom Chivers said...

He won 6.5 to 1.5 Carsten. Full report to follow next week!

Jonathan B said...

At risk of contradicting our esteemed editor as I am ... a full report has actually appeared today!